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    IMPERLAST is an innovative manufacture industry of NATURAL LIQUID RUBBER, an elastic waterproof and thermoacoustic coating.

    We have more than 23 years of expertise in this technology and tradition in Brazil and Europe. We are supported by solids pillars of innovation, quality and technical responsibility, in order to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and reliability on our products.

    Our portfolio is composed by seven elastic waterproof types e two varnishes.

    About our technologyNatural Rubber Elastic Waterproof


    Imperlast Multi is elastic waterproof for civil construction. Its exclusive technology, guarantee an unique performance and allow it be exposed to weather changes, and follow the structural movings due to it excellent elasticity and recovery memory.

    Your composition free of solvent and betume, is water and natural rubber based, which become it 100% natural.

    Among the natural rubber types, there is a sun thermal reduction, that can reach by 10ºC of reduction in environment temperature.


    Indications: Metal roofs; All tile types; Basement interior walls; Foundations Exterior; Concrete/Fiberglass Swimming Pools; All shower lines; Parking lots; Slabs; Ponds (tanks); among others.


    Other specifications: Yields 1,66m2/litre in 3 coats | Elasticity up to 550% | Follows the structure’s contractions and extensions | Adheres to almost all types of surfaces | Sunlight and rain resistible |No need for mechanical protection| Non-toxic, non-flammable and is not aggressive to the environment | Applied weight: 660gr/m2 | Safe for potable water contact| Free of solvent and bitumen | Applied thickness: 0,6mm |Thermo active: expands to the heat | Not indicated for negative pressure or capillary infiltration | Durability: 45 years coated; 20 years exposed and 10 years exposed with friction. The wrong usage will influence the durability.

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